Sutherland Shire dog trainer and animal behaviourist


Behaviour consultations

Creature Teacher offers private animal behaviour consulting and training for companion animals, primarily in the Sutherland Shire, Northern Illawarra, and Sydney areas. The behaviourist will visit you in your home or wherever your problem occurs and discuss your animal’s behaviour. She will analyse the possible causes of the unwanted behaviour and determine why it is occurring. This will enable her to begin to change it and solve the problem at its source. You will receive a written report and the option of free follow-up calls or e-mails. Whichever medium you prefer.

Training sessions

Training only sessions are available, either as a follow up to a behavioural consultation, to provide training advice and hands on help, or to help implement the recommendations of other behaviourists. These will usually run for about an hour. Training packages can be negotiated.

Day Training

Creature Teacher can come to your home while you are at work to train your animal for you. This means you will not have to struggle to learn the new skills needed to train your animal while also dealing with beahviour that may be frustrating or even dangerous. Your pet will have several training sessions a week, and at the end of the week a transfer session will be organised to discuss your pet's progress and show you how to cue their new skills. Contact to see if this is suitable for you.

Video consultations

If you live too far away for a home visit, Creature Teacher offers consultations over Skype or Zoom by arrangement. The cost is the same as an in-home consultation.

Dog assessments

Creature Teacher performs behavioural assessments and provides training plans related to Menacing or Dangerous dog orders. Please contact for more details.

Expert witness

Dr Melissa Starling has expert witness training and can provide expert witness reports in the areas of animal behaviour and welfare.


Dr Melissa Starling is available to provide expert commentary on animal behaviour issues, particularly relating to dog behaviour. She has experience with radio and television appearances as well as writen articles.

Seminars and teaching

Dr Melissa Starling has qualifications in tertiary teaching and can deliver seminars and workshops on dog behaviour, safe handling, training, behaviour modification, and management. She is available for relief teaching in animal behaviour and welfare. Please contact to discuss your needs.